Roaster’s Choice

Gift that Gives

  • Q: What makes your coffee different?

    A: The commitment to focus on keeping coffee simple. This allows us to be direct and intentional with each batch we roast. Most importantly loving God and loving people.

  • Q: Where do you get your coffee from?

    A: We currently get our "green coffee" from a wholesaler who purchases from farmers across the world. One day we plan to support a farmer directly and build a strong relationship.

  • Q: What caused ya'll to start a coffee business?

    A: Coffee has been a tool for us to really get to know and love people. Strangers don't exist when coffee is present. Coffee has a way of bringing people together and helping each other with the power of presence. We love God, we love people, and we really like COFFEE!

  • Q: How did you come up with your logo?

    We created a simple, classic looking logo that showcases the roasting phases within the name. Notice how "Roasting" goes through each phase of the roasting process.